What are Key Points to Remember in Writing Your Direct Mail Letter

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What are Key Points to Remember in Writing Your Direct Mail Letter

When you come to putting together your letter, write in a way that comes naturally. If you're not sure where to start, begin by making a list of the benefits of your product and your offer. Then separate them into primary benefits and secondary benefits.

Give your letter a headline and put your most enticing benefits there. Make it as attention-getting as possible.

If you have a free offer, put the word "free" In your headline and wherever else you can in your letter. Continually vary the graphic format and break up your entire letter into "bite-sized" segments. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short.

In your first sentence, stress your strongest, most enticing benefits. Continue emphasizing benefits throughout the entire first page of your letter.

Talk about features on page two, and try to connect your features with benefits whenever possible.

On your letter's last page, restate your offer in detail, and ask for the order. Reassure the reader with such devices as a free trial period, a money back guarantee, testimonials from satisfied customers, and independent test results.

Have a p.s. make it intriguing but not complete. Force the prospect to go back and read the letter for the full story. Repeat the importance of acting immediately.

Use graphic devices to make your letter look exciting and easy to read. Put in such devices as:

  • A typewritten look
  • Underlining
  • All capital letters
  • A blue or red color for emphasis
  • Indenting of entire paragraphs
  • Switching between single spacing and double spacing
  • Handwritten notes
  • Asterisks (*)
  • Headlines and sub-headlines
There are several similarities between a mailing that seeks an order and one that seeks a sales lead. In both, the most important part of the mailing package is the letter.

A strongly enticing offer is necessary in both. Offering something for free increases response. Both should employ short words, short sentences and short paragraphs, as well as any other appropriate graphic devices.

The differences between an order-getting letter and a lead-getting letter are, primarily, that a lead-getting letter is shorter and attempts to tease the reader into responding, instead of telling the entire sales story.

It is essential to keep the offer simple and understandable. You go for quantity by making it as easy as possible to respond (toll-free phone number, free gift offer). Get higher quality leads by asking it more difficult to respond. You can get both by making it easy to respond and including a box to check for the respondent to ask for a sales representative to call.

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